About us and our services

HHP is a construction company with more than 20 years of experience in
Belgium and the Netherlands

Since 2002, we are established in Hungary

We work with Hungarian practitioners to authentically to renovate

We take care of all construction work: floor plans and permits

As well for new buildings – cultivation – renovation or reconstruction

At command to HHP Building Company we will send you weekly pictures of the progress of the work if you do not at present the construction

Do you want to use only our Supervisor – Construction supervisor then whey sends photos and a progress report every week to you by email or by fax

Building works and/or building management activities are not only bound to Hungary
We deliver throughout the whole of the European Community and beyond our log House, wooden dwellings

But our Inspector-Construction supervisor can also serve everywhere, whether it is a product of our own or an existing cultivation/new construction

You can join us for a free global request for quotes (RFQs)

If you plan to arrive after this global quote with us want to continue, we offer you a very comprehensive quote

Log House in the 2nd phase of the construction