HHP Contruction Advice & Guidance

HHP Construction Advice & Guidance

We have many years of experience with far-and new construction in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the last 8 years in Hungary

Often lacking the you the time and to build and the knowledge

Certainly abroad where you want to build a house or grow you won't know where to start

During the implementation would you obviously know if everything according to specifications and drawing is built

And that the costs are not higher or the delivery date is extracted

When the build is ready, not many details from outside more controlled

By the control at the work, the client can be assured of a good quality technical product

And between why send a reported supported with photos for the benefit of, among other things, the term payments

At the conclusion will abandon the construction supervisor with the delivery to ensure that any defects will correctly be repaired  

But we can also at any stage of the construction process in steps

If so, all problems have arisen between the contractor and the principal we than the point of contact between the two parties

Building management of your property in Hungary and Europe

Construction guidance is the guidance of construction projects in the broadest sense of the word, from idea to final result.

This can consist of:

-feasibility study
- contacts with the Government
- applications for authorizations
- choice of architect
- contractors selection
- method of price offer contractors
- price negotiations with contractors
- control building cost calculation
- management calculation of construction
- planning of the construction monitoring
- quality control during the construction

You can choose for the total package, or one or more parts.
This can be agreed in advance at a fixed price or hourly basis.
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