The benefits of Building with Wood







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Build in wood has many advantages over traditional building in stone.
Short construction time
Depending on the circumstances and the size of the property is the construction time is usually between 2 and 6 weeks (excl. the time for the construction of the Foundation)
Affordable building
By the big choices in delivery as of Casco or a turnkey itself partly determines the price.
In addition, build in wood is much cheaper than the traditional
construction methods because, inter alia, the construction period is much shorter.
Attractive appearance
The look is, of course, depending on the model of the building, location, and the finish, but even the most modern wooden house will never be cold or aloof.
Environmentally friendly
Because there are mainly use is made of natural materials, this means a minimum environmental tax.
In addition, wood has a good insulating value, giving it energy use is minimal.
Wood is also the only building material that can be used without definitive degradation of nature (providing, of course, reforestation takes place).
The trees help during their growth the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.
By making use of wood, we help so indirectly to reduce the greenhouse effect.
Natural beauty
Nothing goes as well in his surroundings as a timber House.
This will, therefore, rarely be experienced as a disruptive element.
Wood is a naturally beautiful vivid material.
The wood is over the years just prettier

Durable and solid as a rock
The structure of wood is relatively light but very strong.
This makes a timber House to a safe and sustainable lodging.
A properly built wooden house is even earthquake resistant!
Depending on the finish, the location and the maintenance of the House will be a timber House certainly between 50 and 300 years.
Even if you the outside of the wooden construction object completely uncovered, the House certainly dozens of years.
If the House is finished with a half opaque pickling, then it is advisable the House once in about 7 years in the pickling.
If you have a completely transparent stain used should you treat once every three to four years to repeat it.
This work has been on fairly easily by yourself.
Healthy Living climate
Timber construction ensures a good balance in humidity and fresh air and a healthy quality of life.
Hence the ancient Chinese wisdom:
Are you sick, go to a doctor. Can He not help you, go live in a wooden House!
Extremely flexible build

Build in wood is a very large artistic freedom.
Virtually any residential or building wish is possible  in wood.
What's more fun than to design your own House and that, therefore, to perform?
Timber construction brings that closer than any other construction methods as well.
Whether it's a more traditional or modern design, simple or complex forms; build in wood together with HHP Kft. will make it affordable and possible.
On the basis of a rough sketch with dimensions, we can offer you already in the short term, at an attractive compensation, give an indication of the expected materials construction costs.
This makes it alone often expensive preparatory pathway of designs by an architect drastically limited.
You know quickly whether your wish budgetary feasible or not.
With complex constructions remains, however, we recommend a final draft by architect by letting it count.

Because not everyone has the same requirements, HHP construction company offers you the following 4 different options in order to organize the construction.

A. Construction package

HHP provides you with all construction materials tailored for the construction of your home.
This is a package of exclusive Foundation, roofing and materials such as plumbing, kitchen, central heating, electrical installation, plumbing and tiling.
But including floors, Windows, doors and latches and hinges.

B. Construction package including personal assistance
As option 1, but now we during the construction of a specialized performer in the personal guidance.

C. CASCO construction
As option 1, but we create for you the Casco construction of your home.
That is, from the Foundation up to the weather-and windproof.
The further Assembly to inside and outside of your home, you do the work yourself.

D. TURNKEY construction

Most clients opt for these comfortable implementing manner whereby HHP Kft. the entire construction of your home, including the complete interior and exterior.
We provide the complete building, entirely according to your wishes.

P.S. At finishing levels all options will be discussed what is and is not to be done

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