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Welcome to HHP Kft., your supplier for quality wooden houses (wood frame construction and wood pile construction) at an affordable price.
We work as follows
If your interest is you can reach us through an email or by phone for non-binding information.
During this conversation, attention will be given and what could be on your land.
The differences between timber frame construction and wood pile construction will be discussed.
a Indicative price will be given if illustrate what type of construction you choose and how big your House is going to be.
Then you have the option to make a sketch design so that a final price can be made.

A woodpile House
A woodpile House is a comfortable wooden house made from horizontally stacked bars (logs).
You can choose between round, oval or rectangular logs.
This type of houses are very common in the Nordic countries such as Finland.
But also in the Baltic States, it is a popular accommodation because of its appearance, comfort and health aspects.
The outer walls are often isolated with a protective wall so that the Insulation standard can be achieved.
To achieve a more even setting the floor is mostly built in wood frame construction.

Reason for choice of a woodpile House
Especially in a rural area is a woodpile building housing a feast for the eyes.
It is cosy, warm in winter and cool in summer, all made from natural materials.
You choose when a woodpile construction dwelling for a natural and durable product.

A wood-frame house
A wood-frame house is a wooden house consisting of style and line work filled with insulation.
The cladding, you can choose from wooden Rabat parts and/or masonry.
The advantage of a wood-frame house is that it is a fairly rigid construction is what so many fewer moves than wood pile construction.
This property allows you to different finishes, outside and inside, apply.

Advantage of a wood-frame house
A wood-frame House has the advantage that the House can be built up quickly because practically everything prefab is created in one of our factories.
By a fast delivery, you do not need to pay so little borrowing.
Also, a wood-frame house cheaper than traditional construction.
You have various possibilities in wood frame construction and wood pile construction houses
You can choose from a variety of wooden houses (model) that have already been built.
In addition, we may let your property for you.
HHP Kft. works together with various architects.

Wood pile construction

Wood pile construction houses can be built in solid round and rectangular logs and laminated logs.
All these shapes can be profiled in different sizes.
Also, there is the possibility of your property in wood pile construction to build up to the two-story floor, then word (s) the floor (s) built in wood frame construction.
This is often advised because the settle of the home than more regularly is because of the stiff wood frame construction.
Usually, the exterior wall insulated with a protective wall, which is the same with appearances logs finish profile as the logs (bars).
Recreational buildings are mostly single hull built.

Rectangular Logs
(see the photo example)

Rectangular logs has a less robust appearance as the round logs.
These are supplied in all possible intersected.
With rectangular logs rips the wood many times less because the wood is kiln-dried.
Secondly, because the tensions, for drying of the wood, all have been taken away by the saw of the tribe to a rectangular log (hart cleaved).

Dimensions and possibilities
Assure a good Rectangular logs connection between the logs; If the logs are thick enough, no need extra insulation.

Round Logs
( see the photo example)

Technique and wood species
Horizontal logs construction is one of the oldest construction methods used in the northern countries such as Finland, Norway and the Baltic States
The logs can be created manually but also machined.
To design a loghouse, you need to have knowledge of this construction method.
For example, you should know that within 2 years after the construction of the House to dry the logs and thereby steadily bags.
This can be done about 5% of the total height of the logs.
This depends on the type of wood and the profile (rectangular or round and in what diameter).
These are important data on the first phase of the House in which looked at how the doors and Windows are placed.
To know where you want to hide the logs through decoration boards or just wants to show is very important for the interior design of a log house.

Sizes and capabilities
(see photo example)
Round logs can be supplied with 14 t/m 23 cm diameter.
Round logs a characteristic that they rupture.
This is because the tribe dries slowly and therefore cannot get rid of tensions, this creates so cracking.
This is a natural phenomenon which fits in this building.

Build in wood is a very large artistic freedom.
Virtually any residential or building desire is possible to make in wood.
What's more fun than to design your own House and that, therefore, to perform?
a Timber construction brings that closer than any other construction methods as well.
Whether it's a more traditional or modern design, simple or complex forms; build in wood together with HHP Kft. will make it affordable and possible.
On the basis of a rough sketch with dimensions, we can offer you already in the short term, at an attractive compensation, give an indication of the expected materials construction costs.
This makes it alone is often an expensive process of designs by an architect drastically curtailed.
You know quickly whether your wish budgetary feasible or not.
With complex constructions remains, however, we recommend a final draft by architect by letting it count.