New built bungalow

Type 1 99m² from € 43.055, Façade & Side Facade

Type 1 Facade

Type 1 Rear Side

View room to the kitchen

Type 1 Ground floor layout

Type 2 82m² from € 45.255,- Façade & Side Facade

Type 2 Rear Side & Facade

Type 2 Ground floor layout

Type 3 73m² from € 48.055,- Façade & Side Facade

Type 3 Façade

Type 3 Rear Side & Facade

Type 3 Ground floor layout Without basement

Type 3 Ground floor layout With wine cellar

View room to the kitchen

Floor and Vide

Type 4 Ground floor layout

Type 4 Format floor

Type 5 with floor 148m² from € 88.992,- Façade & Side Facade

Rear Side & Facade

Kitchen and stairs to floor

Living room view on the Vide and passage to kitchen

view on the Vide floor

Type 5 Ground floor layout

Type 5 Format floor with Vide

Villa in Roman style From € 98.000,-

Ground and Floor layout totaal 150m² garage 14m² -terras 14m²

Type Mathias 77m² From € 42.756,- Log 70mm

Type Mathias 3D View from above

Type Mathias Floor plan measures

Type Thibaut 132m² From € 71.669,- Log 70mm

Type Thibaut 3D View from above

Type Thibaut Floor plan measures

Type Zoë 69m² From € 38.120,- Log 70mm

Type Zoë 3D View from above

Type Zoë Floor plan measures

Vanaf € 43.500,-

bouwoppervlak 62m² leefruimte 120m²

Indeling begane grond

Indeling verdieping met 3 slaapkamers

Hungary New building bungalows

Hungary has per area typical building styles, completely adapted to the environment

On the Puszta, the Tanya with the stables in a U-shape

That was for protection against sand and snow storms

Usually they had also a veranda for to sit in the shadow

And the houses hat also small Windows to keep the heat in summer and cold in the winters out side

But the designs remain nice and cheap due to the simplicity

That is why we have these designs in a more modern version, again designed and created to the current living wish

The surfaces of the bungalows vary from 73m²  Type 1 to 148 m² for Type 5

Prices start from € 43.000,- for type 1 exclusive VAT

These prices are without land, we can through our brokers company arrange land

We can build these bungalows throughout Europe

Are you interested for 1 of these bungalows or you want more information please contact us

Through the contact page or call us

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