Your affordable dream house in Hungary

In Hungary is your affordable housing!

Your dream home can become in Hungary a reality.

Because Hungarian Villas, Tanya or a Pavilion roof dwelling are compared to homes in other European countries very economical priced!

Buying  a dream house is within almost everyone’s fingertips.

When we the price level of homes in countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany take and compare them prices with in Hungary, is a similar House in Hungary approximately 25% of the value!


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Hungary offers both for investors, as everyone else, who want an affordable (vacation) home wants to buy

Since Hungary joined in 2004 as a Member State of the European Union is an investment in Hungarian real estate is a good choice.

In addition, there are several good reasons to invest in Hungarian real estate

7 other reasons to buy a house in Hungary:


·         In Hungary you will find peace and space

·         Most of the year warm climate

·         Nice and helpful people

·         Affordability of the Hungarian houses

·         Low cost of living

·         Good investment for the future

·         Living in Hungary and while maintaining your allowance/pension is possible


Enough reason to look what You can offer


View on our website What we can offer you

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Villa New construction from an
€ 95,000,-
Excluding soil and VAT